The Secretariat of the Bihar State Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has ruled out support to any other party of political coalition. The Secretariat which met in Patna yesterday was reacting to the statement of JD(U) leader K.C. Tyagi who had appealed to the Left parties to support the JD(U)-RJD-Congress alliance in the by-elections to the state assembly which are scheduled to be held on August 21.

The Secretariat wondered how it can extend support to any other party of political coalition when the “Left parties have put its candidates on the basis of alternative economic and political ideological understanding”. It added that the appeal of K.C. Tyagi displays  bankruptcy and immoral politics of the combination.

 The secretariat observed that the Left Parties were of the opinion that the “BJP could progress in state because of corruption, weakness in the JD(U) and their indifferent attitude in the fight against communalism.” By keeping these parties in alliance, a strong fight against BJP and its communal politics is not possible, the secretariat felt. The economic policies of BJP, Congress and other parties are same and are pro-imperialist. “Only the CPI(M) and other Left parties policies can offer alternative economic policies which in turn can control unemployment, price-rise, poverty in Bihar and country as whole.” The statement emphasized that it is only the Left parties who can fight the communal agenda of BJP and its outfits. 

The Secretariat appealed to the people of Bihar to vote for the candidates of the CPI(M) and other Left parties and make them victorious and defeat the BJP-RLP and JDU-RJD-Congress combine in coming by-elections to the Bihar legislature.