CPI(M) is leading a strong campaign across the state for the elections 2019. Defeat BJP-TMC, elect Left and ensure Secular Govt at the center is our slogan. Here are some details from various constituencies:

Bankura: Our candidate comrade Amiya Patra has been fighting for rights of the peasantry and agricultural workers in the state. His victory will be the victory of the same section.

Bangaon: Our comrades organised a massive rally seeking support for LF nominated CPI(M) candidate comrade Alokesh Das. LF Chairman and Polit Bureau Member Comrade Biman Basu was also present.

Kanthi: Our candidates don’t use statues to campaign to avoid heat. They go and meet people, talk to them and listen to their problems. Paritosh Pattanayak, our candidate from Kanthi Lok Sabha seat of West Bengal is doing door-to-door campaigns appealing people to vote out TMC-BJP and elect Left.

Tamluk: comrade Ibrahim Ali’s election campaigning in Tamluk Lok Sabha constituency despite adverse weather conditions. People are coming out in large numbers to extend support to comrade Ali.