Left Front Chairman Biman Basu , in a statement, admitted that this result was not expected. He said, the state administration and police have worked for the ruling party. The ruling party unleashed terror, and the corporate media too unleashed its campaign. Despite that the people and the Left Front activists have courageously fought in the elections.

Biman Basu said, TMC’s win in large number of seats have accentuated the danger to democracy. On the other hand, strengthening of the BJP, led by the RSS has brought new challenges to secularism.

In the given circumstance, Left Front will continue its fight on all issues that affect people and to strengthen secularism. Left Front appeals to all Left, democratic and secular forces to unite and forge the struggles ahead. Left Front also appeals to the people to defend peace and their rights, strengthen the unity of the toiling people and resist attacks on their livelihoods.