Press Statement
The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:
The cables from the US Embassy in India released so far by Wikileaks provide a revealing picture of Indo-US relations and the extent of US interference in India’s domestic political affairs.
The manner in which the US Embassy intervened to influence Indian political parties and opinion-makers on the Nuclear Deal, the pressures on foreign policy matters such as the attitude towards Iran, are all laid out. One cable reports that Indian officials are ‘loathe to admit publicly that India and the US have begun coordinating foreign policies.’ 
The cables set out how relations have improved to make ‘Delhi much more amenable to co-operating’. These show the actual state of India-US relations after the signing of the Indo-US Nuclear Deal.
One cable states that they have a ‘true partner in the current Indian Government led by Manmohan Singh’. In contrast, in another cable the US diplomat has made objectionable remarks about the CPI(M) General Secretary who is not amenable to their interests.
As the Wikileaks cables from around the world have shown, the United States pursues single-mindedly its imperialist interests. The unfortunate part is the complicity of the Manmohan Singh government in furthering some of these interests.