Rakesh Singha



My Dear P. Mitra Ji

Please treat my this communication with utmost seriousness giving the highest priority as it involves the saving of a human life.

Since, 20th March, 2015, I have made several applications to DM Kinnaur in respect to the order made by him under section 144 Cr. P.C. I had therein stated that the orders made  under section 144 Cr. P.C should not be allowed to be misused and cannot be allowed to be misused to prevent the worker from staying  in their allotted accommodation in various workers colony’s i.e. Kupa, Kilba, Sholtu, Khagstal and Sherpa colonies. I also brought it on record that the police is being used to prevent the workers from entering in their rooms. This has also been videographed, to convince any one who denies the role assigned to the Police to carryout the most inhuman act. The employers had used such methods and practices to exploit the workers in Sixteen Century industrializing Europe. I could never imagine in my life that such feudal practices could be practiced in Independent India and that to in Himachal Pradesh, especially after getting such facts to the knowledge of the appropriate authorities.

I know out of my experience, those making such inhuman orders do not have the endurance to take sleep in a well heated room without being provided a blanket to cover ones body at night. Here there are workers who continue to sleep under the sky in sub zero temperature with high velocity winds with virtual no food to eat, as all their belonging are locked in their room since 19th March 2015. Such inhuman act has made my conviction to fight against all kinds of exploitation even stronger.

Please help in the facts stated below.

1. That Lala Prasad Sahu s/o Late Sh. Raja Ram Sahu workers of JP Company is seriously ill. He belongs to Madhya Pradesh.

2. That he had been allotted an accommodation in Room No.3 H Block in Kilba camp, and since 19th March 2015 he has been staying with other co-workers in the forest adjacent to Punning village.

3. That his co- workers brought him to JP company hospital on 31st March 2015 at 9:00 a.m. On the examination by M.O it was revealed that the Hb level of Lala Prasad Sahu had fallen very low within the danger level. It was only 3.6 Hb.

4. That the M.O on duty did not admit him in the hospital but asked him to make arrangement for blood.

5. That during the night the workers union made arrangements for his stay in a family residence of another worker Sh. Vipin Kumar.

6. That this morning i.e. 1st April 2015 he has been admitted in JP Hospital room No. 304, bed No. 2.

7. That four of his co-workers have donated blood to save his life. Those who have donated blood are Sh. Joginder, Sh. J.P Mishra, Sh. Neelu and Sh. Dewan Singh. His blood group is B+.

The workers union has informed me that the condition of Sh. Lala Prasad Sahu is very serious please make arrangement to shift him to IGMC Shimla. Please direct the authority that your directions are implemented in letter and spirit.

I also want to inform you there are approximately 30 to 40 workers who have fallen ill and their health condition are deteriorating day by day. Please do the need full otherwise there will be a blot on your govt. You will have no excuse to justify a wrong action.

Dated: 01.04.2015                                                                                 Yours truly,

Time: 4:35 p.m.


Sh. P. Mitra                                                                                      Rakesh Singha

Chief Secretary

Himachal Pradesh Government