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The Obama administration has been putting great pressure on India of late to join a US-led coalition against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. It may take advantage of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s presence in New York at the moment to make India fall in line with its plans. The Government of India must, under no circumstances, fall prey to these machinations. It must never join any unilateral U.S. initiative of this sort, no matter how strongly such an initiative is portrayed as defending “humanity” against “the forces of barbarism”.
Sep. 30 2014
The government is losing the dividend income more and more as it proceeds to off-load its share in the CPSEs in the market in regular frequency. Dividend is a recurring flow to Government. Foregoing a part of such recurring flow of income for one time sales-proceeds does not speak about economic prudence....... the very concept of “National Investment Fund (NIF)” for parking the disinvestment proceeds to be utilized for capital expenditure as well as social sector schemes is yet to take-off fully even after eight years after its constitution. And disinvestment proceeds realized during this period have all gone to meet the fiscal deficit and nowhere else.
Sep. 29 2014

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