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Guarantees of Modi Government A Betrayal

Modi Sarkar Ki Guarantee for farmers has been the most brutal repression exemplifying how innovatively barbaric the State can be. The farmers shall not forget the trenches dug on National…

Latest Family Spending Data Paints Bleak Picture of Incomes

Average monthly spend for a household of four persons was merely about Rs.8,000 for rural areas and Rs.14,000 for urban areas.

Uttarakhand Uniform Civil Code: A Majoritarian Code Neither Uniform…

The U-UCC is a shoddy piece of legislation which has been adopted to serve a narrow political purpose. It is a fraud both in terms of uniformity and equality. It…

SKM-CTU Call for Countrywide United Worker-Peasant Struggle for both…

There is no doubt that the 26-28 November struggle by the workers and peasants of India will play a major role in saving India and then in changing India for…