Campaigns & Struggles

Defeat TMC-BJP, Elect Left, Ensure Secular Alternative Govt at Centre. With these slogans, election campaign of comrades Amiya Patra for Bankura, Deblina Hembram for Jhargram and Saman pathak for Darjeeling has started.

As campaign of Comrade K.N. Balagopal marched through Karikkode, Kuzhiyam, Edavattom, Elampalloor and Mukkada of Kollam Lok Sabha Constituency, the workers and vendors came out to greet and extend support to him. Defeating UDF-BJP, victory for the Left and ensuring formation of an alternative secular govt at centre is our call.

Comrade Bikas Ranjan Bhattacharya's campaign for Jadavpur Lok Sabha Constituency is giving clarion call for defeat of TMC-BJP, victory for Left and ensuring formation of secular alternative govt at Centre. Here are some glimpses.

The ICC is reconstituted after the Party Congress of CPI(M) every three years. The 22nd Congress of the CPI(M) concluded in April 2018.  Subsequently, the ICC was reconstituted.

Thousands of activists of Left Parties which includes CPI(M), CPI, CPI(ML) SUCI(C) demonstrated in various part of Delhi on 10th September 2018 to make success the hartal called by Left Parties against the unparalled hike in prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas as well as the runaway increase in prices of essential commodities.

The CPI(M) launched a one-week march protesting the Chennai-Salem 8 lane expressway project on Wednesday 1 August.

Documents and Booklets

Report on Political Developments
(Adopted at the Central Committee Meeting held on
December 15-16, 2018 at New Delhi)

This is in response to the directives given by the Chief Electoral Officer, Rajasthan vide Circular No.

Since March 3, 2018, as the announcement of results for the Assembly elections in Tripura confirmed that the CPI(M)-led Left Front is being unseated from the state government by the BJPIPFT opportunistic alliance, a wave of widespread fascistic attacks were unleashed against the CPI(M) cadres and offices by the RSSBJP. These attacks continue even today.

Press Releases

Views That Matter

Mobilisation in the name of cow protection has been one of the most vicious and communally-charged campaign that Hindutva forces have run during the current NDA government’s rule.

The NDA government came to power on a number of promises. Assuring affordable, accessible and effective healthcare was one of them – Swasthya Bharat Samridhha Bharat.

Modi led BJP Government has only followed a policy of pauperising and dispossessing the peasantry by deliberately pushing them into distress by withdrawing State support, aggressively pursuing trade liberalisation and the gamut of Neo-Liberal Economic Policies.

Parliamentary Arena

Over the years, several journalists have lost their lives while reporting about human rights violations, corruption and for doing their job. In 2018, three journalists have lost their lives, the latest of them being veteran Kashmiri journalist Shujaat Bukhari.

The central government controls social development programmes like MGNREGA, ICDS but has no commitment to them and is curtailing budgetary allocation.

In the North East Indian States bamboos grow abundantly in the forest and plains. There are many restrictions in cutting trees from forests. So many people are growing bamboos in their private land for commercial purposes.